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Pretty hairstyles Hairdressing

Pretty hairstyles

Looking for a simple and pretty hairstyle ?
Looking for beautiful haircuts and pretty hairstyles according to the latest trends hairstyle New Hairstyle Trends ?.
Do not look far; our blog for pretty hairdressing seeks to satisfy you and puts at your disposal models of hairstyles for short and medium long hair .
Find on our blog pretty hairstyles with detailed steps.

Pretty simple hairstyles

The cascade braid

it’s the cascade braid: a very simple and pretty hairstyle you can do it yourself or with the help of a friend

Pretty hairstyles Hairdressing
Take a wick in the front and divide there into 3 strands: 3 small strands and start braiding 2 strands only leaving the third dropped.
You will take a new bit over the braid you are doing and add it to the two strands you already have. We must not forget that the lower strand must be released

Pretty hairstyles Hairdressing
Pretty hairstyles Hairdressing
Continue making your braid by doing the same step until the end and until the desired length.
You can choose accessories according to your choice

Pretty hairstyles Hairdressing
Pretty hairstyles Hairdressing
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Here at the end a simple hairstyle easy to do that you can do yourself or with the help of a friend

Pretty beauty hairstyles

Pretty hairstyles Hairdressing
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Here is another model of hairdressing that you can do also at home with the help of a friend.
Pretty hairstyles are not all complicated as most girls think … because simplicity makes beauty

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