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how often should you wash your hair: how much shampoo a week

First of all, there is no overall recommendation regarding how often you should wash your hair . The same dermatologist might recommend two different things for the same hair problem, which depends mainly on the type of hair. The frequency depends on a primary factor: the texture of the hair, the volume and the type of the scalp.

Your lifestyle, the weather and food habits that determine how often you should wash your hair .
Before you begin to determine the above points about your hair, we bring you the common myths associated with washing hair.

how often should you wash your hair: how much shampoo a week Hair Styling Tips

Myth 1: Washing the hair makes your hair more radiant

It’s wrong
Shampoo is an emulsifier that captures and traps natural hair oils like sebum. These natural hair oils provide natural moisture and protect the hair from external aggressions. With the shampoo, you rinse the existing natural oils from your scalp, making it more welcoming to dirt and pollutants. The more you wash your hair, the more natural oils it loses, resulting in more dirt and dust on your hair. This leads to the need to wash them again

Myth 2: Do not wash your hair daily

It’s wrong
We should not wash the hair every day. It’s wrong! For those with very fine hair or for those whose hair is constantly exposed to dust and pollution, the need for a daily shampoo session could come. Even men and women suffering from oily scalp or huge dandruff problems often find a daily shampoo session only solution

Myth 3: The thicker the hair, the more shampoo is required

It’s a bad idea, again! With thicker hair, the oil can not stay long. The new hair follicles continue to develop, which does not allow the formation of natural oils. This makes the hair less oily and therefore, the need to frequently wash them thick hair is wrong.

Myth 4: Set specific days to wash your hair

For some, is a calendar process. Just because it’s Monday, maybe it should be washed or just because it’s the weekend. There is no rule: At the moment you see your hair dirty and requires a wash, do it.

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