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Easy hairdressing Easy Hairstyles

Easy hairdressing

Find on our blog the most beautiful hairstyles easy to make and according to the latest trends hairstyles New Hairstyle Trends .
Long-hair combos , mid-length hair styling and short hair styling are at your disposal.
We seek to satisfy you by offering simple and pretty hairstyles ideas that are easy to do and that you can make yourself.
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Hairstyle easy and pretty

Hairstyle easy to do

Easy hairdressing Easy Hairstyles
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Here is this hairstyle: It is a very pretty hairstyle .
it seems difficult to achieve but if you follow the steps we will offer you will discover it’s easy to do
Easy hairdressing Easy Hairstyles
Leave a free section on each side of your face, and collect the rest of your hair in a ponytail. Pull gently over your ponytail, please do not be too tight. Braid half of the hair on the left side, and wrap it on your ponytail. Repeat with the right side.
Easy hairdressing Easy Hairstyles
Braid the lower part of hair on the left side as shown in the picture Brooch with a hairpin underneath your ponytail. Repeat the operation on the right side. Important: Stretch your braids! Pull on the sides to make your hair thicker
Easy hairdressing Easy Hairstyles
Loosely weave your ponytail and roll under to form a bun. Secure with hairpins. If you have long hair you can leave your ponytail loose, or divide it into several braids to make a big bun.

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